Baris Kerem

Baris Kerem - Lead Game Designer RaafOritme

"My whole life I have always been drawing. In the past I used to draw my imagination on paper. Since my childhood I always wanted to create games. I love to make illustrations from my ideas.
But who would have thought that this dream would become a reality? Due to my past I have had a lot experiences that allowed me to look at life from a different perspective. This gave me a lot of inspiration.
In 2012 I started with the Game Artist education at Grafisch Lyceum in Utrecht. This is where I also met Ravi Bechoe. I graduated in 2016 and spend more time afterwards in modeling in 3dsMax.
The past couple of years I have developed my skills in 3d modeling, hand painted textures, animations, concept art, level design, environment design and rendering.
Next to making games with Ravi, I also create my own 3d models that I sell on 3dexport and Turbosquid.
My job is my hobby and my passion, due this I create art with love and full of joy.
In case you want to see more of my art, check out my Instagram, Facebook and website. Every month there will be new art.

My website.

My Instagram.

My Facebook page."