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RaafOritme was established in November 2016, by Ravi Bechoe, as a game development company that also creates/maintains software for third parties.

Throughout the years the passion and vision for the future has grown more towards game development. With this in mind the creation of brand new products started. 

As avid gamers ourselves we have become tired of the same kind of games getting published over and over again. We want to bring something new, fresh and unique to the market. To give our customers a positive experience like no other and a memorable one at that. 

Keeping track of new technologies as well as the lack of products on markets with newer technologies is where we set our first step with Audio Infection. Soon enough we wanted to delve into a more complex market; the mobile market. Here we published our second product, Sludgy Ball.

As we keep growing in knowledge, experience and skills we keep creating products even better than our previous ones.


Make sure to check out the blogs to stay up-to-date about the latest developments. 

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