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Breaking the silence

A lot of things have happened since my last post in here. So first of all I (Ravi) apologize for the silence. As you all know the world was hit by a pandemic that had affected all of us whether it was directly or not.

For me this meant less job opportunities that were relevant to my background as the amount of clients started to drop. Audio Infection was received greatly, but did not generate the amount of revenue I had hoped, which is okay. It was a personal deadline I put for myself. If the game didn't pop off as good as I had hoped I would continue studying in university. So right now I am pursuing my Bachelors in Game Development and I am in my second year with so far full marks. Even better than that I am an education committee member and last year I was a class representative.

During these almost 2 years I have met a lot of interesting individuals, made a large number of irreplaceable friends and gathered a ton of knowledge. This meant that I had to sacrifice a lot of spare time in order to reach my new goals.

So my plans have shifted slightly, but for the better. Currently my knowledge about games has expanded as well as my skills as a developer.

Eternal Wanderer is going to happen, but is halted for now. It is a large scale project, from which the story is pretty much finished. Upcoming summer I will give it the final revision and then I will start development from scratch, because I have learned the skills that I wanted back then.

That doesn't mean that I am sitting idle. I have worked on a lot of projects at my university with class mates that have a similar mindset. You can check out my page to see some of my latest works! There is some impressive stuff in there even if I do say so myself.

I missed the excitement of releasing a new full on game though. Those games on my portfolio are essentially prototypes. Good things to learn and master certain skills, but that's about it. I wanted to publish something with the new skills I have attained. A project that was both fun yet challenging for me as well as the players.

That brings me to RTX Sweeper. This is my latest game. My most recent title. One that will go live the 17th of march 2022. This project contains the things I have learned, the things I overcame and my vision for what my products should contain. It should feel natural. It should play smooth and it should look good. It doesn't have to be photo realistic, it doesn't have to be voxelized either. Whatever it is, it should be polished.

RTX Sweeper is my take on the classic game Minesweeper. I wanted to implement my new knowledge in a simple yet challenging project. Over a span of a couple of months I iterated countless times to get to where I am right now. Almost version 1.0.

This version of Minesweeper is over the top. It contains the original Minesweeper mechanics with speedrun potentials build around it. Fantastic graphics. A full on story mode. Multiple biomes. A boss fight and more! The best of all is that in every single situation it is still just your good old traditional Minesweeper gameplay wise. It will also be free to play, so make sure to check it out!

In here I focussed on a couple of things. The game should be traditional Minesweeper gameplay wise. Or at least the most known/played version of it in general. The entire game should be able to be played with only the left mouse button. Yes, from the moment you launch it until you've beaten the boss and closed the game. It can all be done without using anything other than your left mouse button. That is quite cool in my opinion. The right mouse button gives you access to flags with what you can mark bombs, but just like the traditional versions, you can finish the game without marking bombs.

All-in-all I am very excited and happy to share this with you all. I will only publish some formal stuff on this website as it is my company, so the blogs etc. won't be that often, but definitely more frequent than once every 2 years.

See you all at the next post!

Yours truly,


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Amma Play
Amma Play
05 de nov. de 2023

we hope that you will delight us more and more with your works, good luck in further development

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