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Dev blog #12 Audio Infection

December is a month full of festivities and holidays, not just for you but for us as well. That being said I wish you all happy holidays and a joyful new year in advance.

Since this is quite a busy period our progression has been slow on both games Audio Infection and Eternal Wanderer. For Audio Infection we had in mind to give the pub a long needed overhaul and believe it or not but even though the progression is slow we are creating amazing results!

In this update we will completely revamp the pub. Remove functionalities that were working partly, improve existing functionalities and add new mechanics. This means that not only the 3D models will get a huge make-over, the code will be overhauled as well. At the time we were unsure which direction the game would take based on customer satisfaction, but right now we have a clear image.

This overhaul will introduce newer and more efficient methods that will significantly speed up loading times. Interactable objects in the pub will be more straight forward and will overall look better. Not only that, they will also suit the retro/scifi aspect of the game a lot better.

We are planning on adding a lot of royalty free music to have a bit of everything. The weapon selection will be simplified as well as the purchasing/upgrading part.

Killing enemies was tracked and showed LP's with little information. We are aiming on creating 3D visualizations of said enemies. This with a magnificent shader will make it feel not only more rewarding but also more immersive, especially in VR.

The pub will also get a complete new section, this one is dedicated to the long awaited level selection! Had a particular level that you always liked playing at? Now you can! If you love getting surprised then you can still always go with a random level. Over time we will most likely add more levels as well to choose from so in the long run this will save us a lot of headaches.

The update will contain more things for the pub as well as small fixes and balancing for the overall game. We are planning on rolling out the update early 2020. Since it is a big update it will require a lot of testing as well.

Last but not least, Audio Infection is currently participating in the winter sale with a major 80% off! So don't let this chance slip by and grab it while it is cheap if you haven't already.

Below is a sneak peak about the pub in progress.

Happy holidays!

Pub sneak peak modeled by Baris

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