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Dev blog #10 reincarnation

Eternal Wanderer contains complex systems in order for the king to reach a fair and peaceful state in the kingdom... eventually. Today I will enlighten you a bit more about the reincarnation system that pretty much goes hand-in-hand with the karma system.

In the previous blog we covered karma and it came down to that the fact that most actions as the player will have subtle consequences. These results will be taken into account once your life ends, because you will be going through a lot of lives in Eternal Wanderer. The results will not only affects the selection of new bodies that you can choose from for the new life but also their own conditions. For example, based on having a generous and healthy past life you will be given an option of getting born into a wealthy family with a body that has a long estimated lifespan. If you need to do some heavy duty work in the kingdom then a healthy body is definitely what you would need, meaning that you can postpone certain tasks until you've attained the body type that you want.

Since you as the king has a certain goal in mind you will be working throughout various lives to a better kingdom.

But that is not all, the reincarnation system will only affect parameters when certain thresholds are met. If they aren't then nothing will happen. You would for example need to stack up multiple bad/good deeds in order to unlock some specific trait and that can be done over a couple of lifetimes. Other than that you will always have a body to choose from, meaning that you can decide to for example live several lives in moderate wealth rather than 1 life with a lot of wealth and others with no wealth at all.

What it comes down to is that it is a very complex subject to talk about and I do hope that I was able to enlighten you some more about it.

Some visuals will be shared when available to give you a better representation about what we are working towards to and to see the system in action.

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