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Dev blog #3 the story (summary)

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Our third game follows the adventure of a foolish king fueled by greed. His greed makes his people suffer and to top it off his adviser seems to have his own agenda that is no good either!

The king gets betrayed by the people he once trusted and is cursed to keep getting reborn in the kingdom he once ruled, but not as a king or someone from high classes, but as a peasant. And at that the ones that can't even work nor the healthy ones.

As he gets to see the kingdom from another perspective as he tries to fix his wrongdoings, all in the hope to eventually break the curse as well. In his journey he meets all kinds of people, establishes all sorts of bonds and experiences various emotions throughout his adventure. Will you as the player be able to guide the (once) foolish king properly?

We have also been working on sketches about not only the buildings in the game but a company logo as well! RaafOritme has no solid logo, designing not only a proper but catchy one as well takes time. There are a lot subtle things to take into consideration that you normally wouldn't think about. Color for example can carry a subtle message and can give a feeling to something, while the drawing style will tell a lot about the company behind the logo.

Logo concepts by Baris

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