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Dev blog #4 persona and concept art

Did you know that the average age of the people that like story rich RPG's, that are open world and have great back ground music, is 27? The majority of them (66%) are males and they usually game in the weekend for quite some hours from afternoon until midnight! Believe it or not, but there is a lot more to this and a whole lot more information in the results from the research I had to do the past couple of weeks.

The fruits of all the hard work is a simple persona profile. It basically contains the psychographics, preferences, demographics and social activity of the target audience that we are aiming for. Building a game is one thing, but knowing the audience that you build it for is another one and an extremely important one at that. If you don't know what your customers want then the chances are quit high that it will not perform as expected sales wise. The development will officially begin once we have a clear vision of what our target looks like. Proper marketing is very important and doing the research for it is equally as important.

That being said, marketing research isn't everything that the focus has been on. The concept art has been making quite some advances as well! Each of the buildings shown below have their own significance in the game. To those related to the buildings is a story tied that our foolish king will have to deal with. This will not only change the way the king looks at people in general but it will also help him to redeem himself by trying to fix the mess that he had gotten his kingdom into. He will for example have to do something about the slaves in the kingdom that are forced to do hard labor with no payment while living in inhumane circumstances. The impact the king has on those slaves will influence his eternal journey massively.

While more elements from the game are getting visualized do note that none of these designs are final. They are all purely conceptual to give us and the audience a rough vision about what it is going to become as well as the steps we have to take in order to carefully craft a master piece of a game.

Stay tuned for another blog with more progress next week!

Concept art buildings by Baris

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