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Dev blog #1

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

It is a new day and we have quite the goal to achieve!

We are planning on releasing a story rich driven RPG game with a lot of nifty features based on the principles of Karma and reincarnation. This should result in quite the challenge from a developer point of view, but first things first!

At the moment we are working on growing our community, creating websites and tools that will help us in the long run. With this comes a lot (yes really a LOT) documentations. This goes from the story fully written out to a Game Design Document and a Technical Design Document.

Since the game will have a lot of features, said documents will be essential in the long run to save us headaches as well as to clear certain things out, especially when we get help from third parties.

But the start is this website!

Hope you enjoyed my first ever blog, I am still a rookie at blogging!

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