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Dev blog #2 the first step

As we have published already 2 titles on the market it is about time that we start working on our third title. The best way to save a lot of time in the long run while having certain guidelines to fall back to is to have documents... and a lot of them.

In game development we tend to refer to the Game Design Document and Technical Design Document. For large projects these are essential documents as it will help new or temporal crew members to quickly digest what they need to know in order to get started and to produce significant results. But these documents are huge and time consuming. Formulating these are usually done step by step with smaller chunks in order not to only stay sane but to also focus on other aspects for the project. This will ensure us that the new game will become more than just an idea.

That being said. I've written a light novel for the rich story that the game will follow. This might become available for everyone later on, but for now it will serve as a guideline to see if people like it. Of course this will also help is greatly in order to visualize the environment that it will take place in. Based on that an art style will be picked and many more choices can be made, which are essential for the relevant documents.

As I keep busy with the technical side of this, our lead artist, Baris, has been busy as well creating concept art for the third game. This is done in steps as well. First the silhouettes of various places, assets etc relevant to the game. These will receive more detail later on.

We plan on posting every week a dev blog to keep track of our progress and to share some information and knowledge with you.

Have a good one!

Concept art silhouettes by Baris
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