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Dev blog #7 the big reveal

After 7 blogs I think it is finally time that I will unveil the final design of the logo from RaafOritme to you guys. At the bottom of this blog you can see the final result. I am very happy with it and very proud of the final outcome.

But that isn't everything. Did you know that we have started working on an asset list for our third game? That's right, we have entered the development stage. This means that over time you will be able to see some visual progress about what the game is going to become, functionalities and a whole bunch more! So this is going to be an interesting period for not only you, but us as well.

The blogs will serve in the future as something to look back at to see how we progressed with baby steps at a time until the finalized product. I am thoroughly hyped to get the first few lines of code up and running properly and walking around in the first stage of the game with minimal interactions.

I do have to say one final thing. After writing the blogs I always refer to the third game as... you know, third game. But it actually has a name that we decided on quite some time ago. A very fitting name as well once you know the story and the game play. The third game is called Eternal Wanderer.

RaafOritme company logo by Baris

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