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Dev blog #11 the progression so far

As you probably have noticed, we went silent for quite some time. That is because most of the functionalities that we are working on requires a lot of time for small results. That means that weekly blogs would end up showing close to zero progression compared to the previous ones which would end up being rather... quite boring if I say so myself.

So instead the blogs will reduce in quantity but improve in quality (for now)!

Eternal Wanderer so far has almost the karma system working properly. As a player your actions will gain karma points. These points have an impact on certain parameters that are getting tracked such as for example money stolen, people helped, donations given etc. The adjustment of all these parameters is extremely important, because when the player reincarnates the system will read the current parameters and will try to stabilize them. Generous players for example will be given the option to get born into a wealthy family.

There is much more to this part of the karma system, but I am planning on filming it and showcasing it, so you will have to be a little bit patient for it.

As you probably have guessed the game will be flooded with NPC's (non-player characters). Those NPC's need names, identities, statistics etc. So with that in mind I have created a system that generates unique names based on vowel and consonant combinations as well as their lineage. Royal NPC's for example will have much more high class name compared to the peasant NPC's. Based on this they will also get their own statistics and since most of the NPC's have an important role in the story and kingdom they will all be generation based. This means that if an NPC dies (natural or not) that he/she will get a child that is the next generation and this continues on so that the position that the NPC was filling will never be vacant. The player will be able to see in the long run how much time has passed since he/she started playing the game based on how many generations already passed.

So now we have a player and NPC's.. well at least dummies. That means that I can implement interaction between the two. With this I have decided to implement a simple combat system first, because the basics of this will also be tedious and time consuming. But it is here! There is a simple hack and slash combat in place. The NPC does nothing yet but the first step has been made, because depending on whether the NPC was a good or bad person the player will receive good or bad karma points. Especially if the player initiated the fight.

And this is all just the technical progression of the game so far. My partner in crime Baris has been working quite hard as well. Sketches are nice and showcase the kind of environment we want to create, but a 3D model with an important building of the kingdom is even better so here is the first version of the building where slaves are being hold captive, tortured and sold. This building has a lot of places where the slaves have to work and inside will be a lot of cells which the king eventually will have to burst open as one of his first big objectives.

Slave captivity building by Baris

So that is a lot about Eternal Wanderer so far, but did you know that we also have 2 other games which are published and ready to play? Check out Audio Infection on Steam or Sludgy Ball on Android. Links can be found at the products section of this website.

Why do I mention the other games you might think? Because we are going to work on a winter update for Audio Infection. This will significantly improve existing features while fixing bugs and revamping things that have proven to be messy over time. For now we have planned to revamp the pub completely. This update will be quite huge! Stay tuned for more information about the update. Once we are done with Audio Infection we will continue working on Eternal Wanderer. Most likely around januari 2020 is when you can expect the first visuals of the prototype in action.

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